Graffiti Vibe Introduces 'Joneser'

My name is Stas Verechuk, I’m from Kiev, Ukraine.

I’m 41 and I’m a lawyer with 20 years of experience in the field of International corporate law.

I practice yoga from 2013, I have two children (boys of 12 and 14), I’m studying in Ukrainian film school and I’m going to make movies in nearest time. Late in 2019 I made my first short movie and not it’s in editing. At this time, I’m working on my first script for full-length movie.

I started composing in 2014 when I realized that music attracts me. I recorded 52 songs with 2 my projects – STASSA BIOMASSA and JONESER from 2015 to 2020.

When in March of 2015 I get started Stassa Biomassa (www.stassabiomassa.com) I was really full of energy and aggression. And my first songs absolutely confirm that.

During 2015-2017 I released 3 albums:

«MuhaUkusilla» (2015)

There was fantastic crazy time when during 2 years I did everything I wanted without any breaks. I composed new songs much faster then I managed to record them, I didn’t spare money, we made small crazy videos devoted to my songs and I were as happy as I could.

Then I realized that I’d like to make much deeper music. But I didn’t know which exactly music I wanted to do. And I started to look for it and released 2 more albums.

And after having them released I began to understand what kind of music I’d like to create. And I decided to close experimental base like Stassa Biomassa and create new project. I’ve never had concerts with Stassa Biomassa, it was only some online art platform.

Then in 2017 I created Joneser. I was alone in this project till September of 2019 because during all previous time I was looking for my special sound. Now I got it. Though in future songs I’d like to use more live instruments then in my previous album «Back Two Me» (2020).

During 2017-2018 I released Ukrainian speaking single «Chas» (02.11.2017) and the album «Vilni» (06.04.2018). It was a long play of 15 songs of indie-pop music in Ukrainian. It was important stage of my art when I was trying to imitate the world indie pop culture. And I created a fairly high-quality product. Though it was too sweet for me.

I’m afraid of diabetes so I decided to come back to more alternative sound but not to loose melodic and sensual components of my previous music. And I started working on my second album in this project. I was working on it during 2 years and I recorded 12 songs in English speaking indie-rock music. I absolutely understand that my English and my pronunciation are far from ideal but I’m really proud of the album «Back Two Me» that was released on 02.02.2020. The songs Miraline, June, Folie – these are the best of what I’ve ever created in my music world as of today.

I really like what we’ve done. More drive, more guitars, more sincerity, English, more alternative sound, no less deep lyrics - it's all about my new music. I think that such kind of music is needed to people as air, because it helps people to grow, it inspires to think and feel, it penetrates the skin and makes their cells vibrate. In Ukraine, there are more and more developed people, and I'm happy to put my hands and soul into it with my music.

All 12 songs in the album are linked by one storyline. They are all about the path, the actions and the mistakes. But about returning to the real one me.

At the same time we released a video for the song Miraline in the style of animated short film.

We are going to release music video in the same style for the songs June and Going in April and June of 2020.

In September 2019, Joneser was joined by Alexey Yurev - guitarist for the bands Kryshitka and hasGotten and the drummer Andriy Bogdanov, known for his performances as Mysteries of the Third Planet, Fringe and Youra (Ukrainian projects).

We had our first gig on 18 of February, 2020, at PC "Masterskaya" in Kiev (Ukraine) where it took place the presentation of the album "Back Two Me".

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