Unsigned Spotlight: Joneser

Joneser is an Ukrainian indie rock project of performer and songwriter Stas Verechuk. The band name in American slang means a person who wants something badly.

Please list all of your band members and their roles in the band.

Now the project includes 3 people: Stas Verechuk (front-man, vocal, composer), Andrey Bogdanov (drums) and Alexey Yuriev (guitar).

For starters, what bands were you guys a part of prior to Joneser? How long has the band been around?

Previously, Stas Verechuk had his funk-rock project Stassa Biomassa (www.stassabiomassa.com) until he created Joneser in 2017.

Andrey Bogdanov was a drummer of Bahroma and Youra (Ukrainian projects). Alexey Yuriev is a guitarist of Kryhitka and hasGotten (Ukraine).

What’s the origin of that name and have you changed the band’s name before?

Joneser is one who will stop at nothing to render what ever he is "Jonesing" for. I’m Joneser. First, I named my project Ttyme, a bit later I realized that Joneser is much more suited to my ambitions. So, I renamed the project after 1st single was released in November, 2017. (Stas Verechuk)

Who writes your songs? What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs and do you think these topics will change over time?

All our songs were written by Stas Verechuk. All the songs of our new album «Back Two Me» (released 02.02.2020) are connected by one plot. And this is the way of one guy going through his mistakes, victories and defeats. All the songs by Stas Verechuk were always filled with deep sense and tunes of self-development. In future, we’d like to come to some more light topics in our songs, frankly speaking.

What bands are currently inspiring the music that you’re making?

We always were inspired by the music of Apparat, Radiohead, alt-J, Depeche Mode, Foals, Balthazar etc.

Was there a particular band/artist or concert that inspired you to start a band?

No, there wasn’t. I began composing songs in 2015 after starting practicing yoga at the age of 35. He was a lawyer, and one day he realized that he’s living not his own life. So, he decided to change it. That’s all». (Stas Verechuk)

What do you do to prepare for a show? Any flexing, exercises, ect …

We have rehearsals twice a week. And vocal exercises for Stas, nothing more.

What has been the biggest highlight of the band’s career so far?

We had the first gig on 18th of February, 2020 in Kiev (Ukraine). Until now, it has been the brightest event in our lives.

If you could tour with any bands, past or present, who would they be and why?

We’d like to tour with Apparat because for us is the best sample of electronic alternative sound and professionalism in performance on stage. We visited the gig of Apparat in Kiev last year and were very much impressed.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I wrote the song Miraline 3 years ago when there were terrible trials in my life. At that time, after some very tragic events in my life (death of my father and divorce from my wife), I started to have panic attacks and stopped sleeping. Waves of anxiety rolled one after another and I could not do my business. I woke up at 5 in the morning, trembling under the covers and did not understand how I could survive this day.

I realized that the only thing I can do in this state is to do what I really like. I paused the work for half a year, bought a motorcycle, installed Cubase 9.0 on my laptop and began to study it online eating tons of cherries.

After the 2nd lesson, I made a demo recording of this song, playing the guitar and singing all the vocals. Within 3 weeks I wrote an album of 12 songs.

I was a lawyer from Kiev (Ukraine) and I was 38.

02.02.2020 we released new album "Back Two Me" in English all the songs of which are united by one storyline.

Regards, Stas Verechuk

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