Best New Indie Songs Playlist - Joneser

These difficult times call for more and more great new music from DIY/indie musicians and bands that you’ve probably never heard of before in this indie songs playlist.

The Kyiv-based trio Joneser is the musical project of vocalist and songwriter Stas Verechuk. Joneser’s terrific new track, “Miraline” is something to behold and fitting for the times: dark but optimistic and hopeful.

The mix of indie electro-pop and R&B is done well; not a sound we often hear out of the Ukraine. The ringing of the calypso sound effect followed by warm synths and soothing choruses makes “Miraline” a standout track of the week.

“I wrote the song Miraline 3 years ago when there were terrible trials in my life,” says Verechuk.”At that time, after some very tragic events in my life and I started to have panic attacks and stopped sleeping. Waves of anxiety rolled one after another and I could not do my business.”

“I woke up at 5 in the morning, trembling under the covers and did not understand how I could survive this day,” he adds.

He realized that the only thing he could do is what he liked to do the most. “I paused the work for half a year, bought a motorcycle, installed Cubase 9.0 on my laptop and began to study it online eating tons of cherries.”

Verechuk produced a demo recording of the song, playing the guitar and singing all the vocals. In the ensuing three weeks, he wrote an album of 12 songs. “I was a lawyer from Kyiv (Ukraine) and I was 38.”

When he started the project in 2017, there was a “new wave of Ukrainian music based on indie and electronic sounds, heavy vocal lines and dreamy melodies. The trio also features Andrey Bogdanov (drums) and Alexey Yuriev (guitar).

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