JONESER is an indie-rock band from Kiev (Ukraine) created in 2017 by vocalist and composer Stas Verechuk and now with Andrey Bogdanov (drums) and Alexey Yuriev (guitar).

In February Joneser released a new album titled “Back Two Me” recorded in English and with songs that came united into one story-line.

The band have also released a superb new music video for “Miraline” (shared below) with brilliantly crafted & layered instrumentation, mesmerizing synth lines, dreamy arrangements, melancholic harmonies, and warm atmospheres.

Despite its undeniable ambience, this piece also has plenty of cohesive energy with contemplative voices and intriguing electrophonic patterns that seem to rotate within translucent undercurrents. . . . while fuzzy rhythms undergo life-giving palpitations.

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